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burning-bushAlthough Dr. John N. Oswalt is most definitely a proven academic, he has always striven to avoid the false dichotomy between the academic and the spiritual, but rather allowing each to inform the other, so that many have read his commentaries for devotions and others have gained excellent biblical understanding through his spiritual writings. As you see in very clearly through “The Bible Among the Myths,” he most definitely believes the Bible to be an historical book, written to a specific people in a specific context, but the larger context was their encounter with God, and it is this that makes what is rooted in time, timeless with deep application to our lives today.



Isaiah NIV Commentary  Where Are You God The Bible Among the Myths Called to Be Holy

Called to Be Holy

This book traces the doctrine of holiness through the Bible in an analytical way. Instead of giving us a dry catalogue of proof texts, Dr. Oswalt underscores the practical consequences of walking in the Holy Spirit. Called to be Holy sets the Old Testament “Holiness Code” and the prophets’ exhortations to holiness alongside the sermons …

NIVAC Isaiah Commentary

A unique commentary that explores each passage from three vital perspectives: original meaning, bridging context, contemporary significance. Isaiah wrestles with the realities of people who are not convicted by the truth but actually hardened by it, and with a God whose actions sometimes seem unintelligible, or even worse, appears to be absent. Yet Isaiah penetrates …

On Being a Christian

This study of 1 John by Dr. John Oswalt explores the answers to the question, “What does it mean to be a Christian?” Just as a three-legged stool sits securely on the ground regardless of how rough the surface is, John shares with us there are three essential evidences of the Christian life – love, …

The Bible among the Myths

Unique Revelation or Just Ancient Literature Nowadays, it is widely argued that Israel’s religion simply mirrors that of other West Semitic societies. While not advocating a “the Bible says it, and I believe it, and that settles it” point of view, Oswalt asserts convincingly that the Bible’s historical claims cannot be disassociated from its theological …

Where Are You, God?

Malachi’s Perspectives on Injustice and Suffering Corrupt people live prosperously, while godly people struggle to survive. Has God left his people to fend for themselves? That question is centuries old. When the prophet Malachi asked it, God transformed his life and the life of his nation. Through this practical study of the Book of Malachi, …

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