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Blurry TextThroughout his career, Dr. John N. Oswalt has written countless articles for academic journals, spiritual life magazines, theological dictionaries and biblical encyclopedias, and here are just a few examples that we found for online for viewing.


These are barely the tip of the iceberg of the articles that Dr. John N. Oswalt has written, but these are ones that are available for free online.   (just click on the article and you will be taken to it) . John. N. Oswalt, “The Golden Calves and the Egyptian Concept of Deity,” Evangelical …


Although Dr. John N. Oswalt is most definitely a proven academic, he has always striven to avoid the false dichotomy between the academic and the spiritual, but rather allowing each to inform the other, so that many have read his commentaries for devotions and others have gained excellent biblical understanding through his spiritual writings. As …

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