Jan 04

All About Love

“Love the Lord your God and keep his requirements, his decrees, his laws and his commands always.” (Deuteronomy 11:1)

     When we  think of the ten commandments, we often think in terms of negatives (“you shall not …”). But actually the commandments are about love.  They are establishing boundaries outside of which love will not go. But once you set the boundaries then everything within the boundaries is free.

So when God says, “Don’t commit adultery,” he is leaving us free within those wide boundaries to practice married love. So it is because I love Karen that I will not break my promises to her. It is because you love God so much that nothing else will take the place of God in your life.  It is because you love him that His name, his reputation, is priceless to you. You love Him so much you’ll be glad to take one day a week and say, “Lord, this is the evidence that all my days are yours.”

You’ll love people so much that you’ll gladly honor that couple who gave you life. You’ll love people so much that you’ll cherish and respect their possessions. You’ll love people so much that you’ll cherish their life, their reputation. You’ll love God and humanity so much that you’ll never think that your real life consists only of your possessions.

God is love and love is holiness-that selfless, purifying, consuming fire that touches all our relationships so that we are clean in them. We obey as an expression of holy love. Anything less than that is not obedience.

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Jan 04

The Payoff

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