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All over at different places Dr. John Oswalt has spoke, groups have recorded him and posted these to the internet, below is what we have found!

P.S. If you have video you have found, please share the link in a comment below and we’ll add it! And if you happen to have footage of Dr. John Oswalt that you are willing to share with the world, you can also notify us with a comment below or you can post it and share the link with us!

Thank you to all of you who have been so generous to share these!

God Wants You

from Taylor University‘s Chapel Service – October 22, 2012

Perfect Love

Radio Interview – Response to Rob Bell

Sermon Series at Duebner UMC

The following are a series of sermons preached at Duebner UMC in Canton, OH in November of 2011. Sermon 1  Sermon 2  Sermon 3

The Bible & Why It Matters

The Bible Among the Myths Intro

Why Another “Ministry”?

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