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Video2What an amazing thing that we live now when anyone anywhere can see something, capture it on video and post it on the internet.

Thanks to wonderful people doing just that we have a host of videos of Dr. John N. Oswalt preaching available across the internet.  We have pulled these in and you can watch right here for free!


P.S. If you know you or someone you know has video footage of Dr. John N. Oswalt preaching or teaching, please post it in a comment below with the link or send it to us and we’ll post it!

Bible Conference 2016

Here is a feed from Dr John Oswalt at the Salvation Army Southern Territory 2016 Bible Conference. Session #1 Session #6 Session #8 Session #13 Session #15

7 Minute Seminary

Asbury Theological Seminary has a project where they ask trusted professors key questions and ask them to answer them as simply and briefly as possible. Dr. John Oswalt has done many of these and here is a feed of those.  

Full Bible Studies

At the Francis Asbury Society, Dr. John Oswalt has led several weekly studies of books of the Bible which they graciously captured on video. These are in depth, chapter-by-chapter explorations that are useful for individuals or for groups.

Other Great Videos

All over at different places Dr. John Oswalt has spoke, groups have recorded him and posted these to the internet, below is what we have found! P.S. If you have video you have found, please share the link in a comment below and we’ll add it! And if you happen to have footage of Dr. …

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