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Audio PlayerHere are various audio recordings of Dr. John N. Oswalt that we have found that have been posted and can be listened through the host websites for free.

Be Transformed Podcast

Each week we will be sending out a devotional with a link to a weekly sermon. These sermons will be posted here as a sort of archive so you can return here to listen to them at your convenience. Note: It defaults to the first sermon, but if you scroll down and choose the last track, …

Wesley Biblical Chapels

Dr. Oswalt served as research professor of Old Testament at Wesley Biblical Seminary in Jackson, Miss., from 1999 through 2009.  Here are some of his chapel addresses and sermons from the seminary church services listed by date. 02/11/08 02/13/08 02/21/08 02/28/08 03/06/08 03/13/08 03/27/08 04/10/08 04/24/08 04/27/08 05/01/08 05/08/08 05/19/08 06/05/08 06/19/08 06/30/08 08/28/08 09/06/08 …

The God Solution with Nate Herbst

Two radio Interviews with Nate Herbst on his show, “The God Solution,” now know as “EternityImpact” and available on iTunes. . “The Uniqueness of The Old Testament”  (05/02/12) “Messianic Prophecy, Science in the OT & More”  (05/03/12)

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