Called To Be Holy

The Holy One of Israel

Click for a free chapter from the upcoming book! Used with Permission of Wipf and Stock PublishersThis site was created as a surprise gift for my father, Dr. John N. Oswalt, of whom I am truly proud!  He carries a legacy that has impacted thousands.  His honesty, integrity and passion have always been the hallmark of his work, whether it be working with ancients texts, with translations, with students, or laypeople.

I regularly meet people from all walks of life throughout the world whose lives have been profoundly touched by his commentaries, his books, his articles, his teaching and his life.

Recently, as I did a web search on my father, I was struck by how many varied materials he has created through the years and are now spread across the internet. So, I set to create this site as sort of clearinghouse for all things related to him.

Please note that as of yet this is not exhaustive by any stretch of the imagination, but simply all the materials I have been able to locate thus far.  If you know of more materials that are available, please let me know through the message box to the right and I would be honored to add them!

You will find his books, his articles, videos and audios of his teachings, preachings and interviews, as well as information about where he has spoken and where he will be speaking and future projects (articles and books) that he is working on.

Perhaps some of you do not know my father and are wondering why we have called this site “Called to Be Holy.” Apart from this being the title of a book he has published, it is his truly his heart’s cry. To better understand this, you can watch the short video below, entitled “Being Holy.”

Again, knowing my father, I know he will perhaps be uncomfortable with how much this site focuses on him, however, I know that so many of you not only have been deeply touched by his life, but seek opportunities to sit under his teaching once more.

And so it is my deep honor to present to you this site.

In Christ,
Peter Oswalt


Expertise: Old Testament studies Hebrew language Hebrew religion Education: B.A., Taylor University B.D., Th.M., Asbury Theological Seminary M.A., Ph.D., Brandeis University Dr. John Oswalt returned to the Asbury Theological Seminary faculty in 2009 as visiting distinguished professor of Old Testament. He served as research professor of Old Testament at Wesley Biblical Seminary in Jackson, Miss., …


    • Ann Barkley on January 11, 2015 at 10:54 pm
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    Dr. OSWALT lives what he teaches, and I know from decades of friendship he truly lives for the glory of God. It is amazing to travel to evangelical colleges and universities, and currently at the Institute of Worship Studies, and continually meet other people who have changed lives because of Dr. Oswalt. I hope to hear where to sign up for notifications every time a new sermon is posted. Great site!

    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful encouragement! In answer to your question about notifications, the best way to hear when new sermons are posted is simply to sign up (in the right sidebar or leave a note requesting) to be added to the weekly devotional. In each there will be a short Devotional Thought, a weekly sermon recording and Dr. Oswalt’s upcoming schedule. Thank you again!

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