Of Course Dr. John N. Oswalt‘s books are available across the nation in university, seminary, and Christian bookstores, but online there are two particularly good sources for his books.


Francis Asbury Society

The first is The Francis Asbury Society Bookstore, which has a great selection not just of his books, but also of video and audio teachings.




The second comes as no surprise and it is Amazon Bookstore which has a special page for Dr. John N. Oswalt seen here below.

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    • Wolfe Moffat on August 13, 2016 at 2:10 pm
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    Hello Dr. Oswalt,

    Your time and messages at Cherry Run were quite valued by myself throughout the week, and the opportunity to eat dinner with you several times at the dining hall will be quite memorable to myself. I can’t express enough my appreciation to you for asking my story on the final Saturday night. It was something I didn’t quite expect, and while it was among my more humbling moments, it was beyond refreshing to share it, even if it was rather embarrassing. Unfortunately, my being a hot-head has been frequent, and a stumbling block from time to time, bringing me to Cherry Run, and having my testimony being nothing less than a man who’s being molded and restored these days. It HURTS!!! Hearing worship songs that speak of molding, I always figured it was some kind of hee-haw moment, kind of like announcing, “Look here, everybody! I’m being MOLDED!!!” Nope. It hurts like crazy, and has often made my cry.

    I’m currently reading WHERE ARE YOU, GOD? Without a doubt, I would’ve preferred to have EXODUS, but as I’m reading this one, it seems as though a lesson in Malachi is more appropriate for me at this point. I say this because I’ve always loved the Minor prophets, and oddly enough, with the exception of the tithe challenge, I’ve overlooked a lot of his message. But I’m grateful to be reading it just the same.

    Thank you for asking me of my story, and for listening. I know I have some steps to take further, and I wish I would’ve gone forward to the altar after your sermon on Love that very Saturday evening. Thank you for your teaching, and ability to bring scripture to life.

    Wolfe Moffat

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