Feb 03

Perfect Peace

Perfect Peace?


You will make that person completely whole whose imagination is anchored in you, because he or she trusts in you. Trust in Yahweh always, because Yah, Yahweh, is an everlasting Rock.

                                                                                                Isaiah 26:3-4 (Author’s translation)


On this winter morning, with the feel of snow in the air, I fell to thinking about my grandfather and what he might have been doing on a morning like this 120 years ago. Perhaps he would have been husking corn to feed to the pigs and chickens, the same thing his father and grandfather would have been doing for a century before him. So little change, and now – ?! “Change on every hand I see!” At our institution, expensive electronic equipment that was “state of the art” fifteen years ago is now virtually useless and must be replaced. And what about the replacements – what will their life expectancy be?


But we are not the only ones in the history of the world to face upheaval and change. The ancient Judeans were surrounded on every hand by enemies, not least the voracious Assyrians who would take everything the Judeans owned, as “tribute,” and then deport many of them a thousand miles from home. What is Isaiah’s word to them? “Don’t let your imagination run off with you! Focus your attention on that God who has given his personal name – I AM – to you. If you will make him the center around which all your life revolves, he will knit all the disparate threads of your life into a single skein. He is the Rock that will breast the flood, in whose shade you can shelter from the sun, upon which you can climb when the Enemy threatens.”


But wait a minute! Where did the KJV’s “perfect peace” go? Well, it’s not bad, but it just doesn’t go far enough. When Yahweh puts us together there is an inner serenity despite outside upheaval. But that serenity is a byproduct of an inner wholeness (which is the base idea of “shalom”), when we have allowed our Friend Yah to focus everything in our lives on him. That oneness is the foundation of the serenity, and it is a continuing reality even when the serenity is not so serene!


Here’s the bottom line: we can have so intimate a relationship with the Great Creator that we can call him by his pet name: Yah, and with our wild imaginations all focused on him, we can become whole persons. Saved!

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